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This project is funded by the EU programme ALFA IIIHamburg University for Applied Sciences
Panorama Bolivian Catholic University

International Seminar “Fundraising and Research Management in Renewable Energies"
Bolivian Catholic University
20th November 2009

On 20th November 2009, the Bolivian Catholic University hosted the international capacity-building seminar “Fundraising and Research Management in Renewable Energies” with about 50 participants from local universities and from the international consortium of the JELARE Project.

The main objectives of the seminar were to exchange experiences in fundraising and research management in renewable energies at the JELARE partner universities and to train university staff in fundraising and research management skills, as well as to enable them to develop long-term research strategies in the field of renewable energies.

The programme included speeches from experts of the Bolivian government, NGOs and international cooperation, e.g. “Fostering the nexus between HEIs and the renewable energy market” by the Vice Minister of Science and Technology or “International Cooperation in Environment, Climate Change and Renewable Energy” by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation.

Programme and Presentations of the Seminar

>> Seminar programme
PDF document (spanish)

>> Criteria for joint research programmes between universities and RE companies in Germany
Ralf Behrens, HAW Hamburg, Germany
PDF document (english)

>> Developing and implementing a renewable energies research strategy
Ralf Behrens, HAW Hamburg, Germany
PDF document (english)

>> European funds in the renewable energy sector open to Latin-American partners
Ralf Behrens, HAW Hamburg, Germany
PDF document (english)

>> Success factors for EU project proposals
Julia Gottwald, HAW Hamburg, Germany
PDF document (english)

>> RENOVABLE Fondos latinoamericanos para proyectos en energía
Cyrano Ruiz Cabarrús, Ph.D., Universidad Galileo, Guatemala
PDF document (spanish)

>> Efectividad de la ayuda en medio ambiente
Oscar Angulo
PDF document (spanish)