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This project is funded by the EU programme ALFA IIIHamburg University for Applied Sciences
Panorama Florianópolis, Brazil
8th July 2010

The “International JELARE Capacity Building Seminar”, was held in Florianópolis, between the 6th and 8th July 2010 and was an opportunity in the JELARE project to foster the knowledge and technology transfer between UNISUL Brazil and  the representatives partners from Higher Education Institutions from Latvia: Rezekne University, Guatemala: Galileo University and Catholic University from Bolivia “San Pablo”. In Three days the JELARE delegations from this four countries work together on the curricula development and the distance learning technologies and methodologies applied to the field of Renewable energies and sustainable development.

The International JELARE Capacity Building Seminar” aimed to:

Introduce ways current being pursued to promote education and research on renewable energy at European and Latin American universities;

Discuss approaches and methods to promote renewable energy in the curriculum of universities in Europe and Latin America.

Promote the exchange of Knowledge and the technology transfer between the participants on a pilot module , concerning curriculum development and distance learning technologies in the preparation of a inter-disciplinary post-graduation programme in Renewable Energies

Moreover, the event will serve the purpose of fostering cooperation and Technology transfer among universities from Latin America and Europe with an interest in the field of renewable energy.

A curriculum of an International Post-Graduation on “Sustainability, Environment and Renewable Energies” was the final result of this Seminar, that was held on UNISUL Virtual in “Pedra Branca”, Santa Catarina.

Impressions of the Seminar

JELARE Workshop, Florianopolis, 8th July 2010 © Unisul

JELARE Workshop, Florianopolis, 8th July 2010 © Unisul