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This project is funded by the EU programme ALFA IIIHamburg University for Applied Sciences
Panorama Hamburg, Germany
The SOLAR-HOME-SYSTEM is finally finished

In July 2011, the SOLAR-HOME-SYSTEM, which was developed by a small group of students under the guidance of Professor Kampschulte, was finally finished and can now be deployed locally, as an illustration and exercise tool in our courses and lab exercises in renewable energy at HAW Hamburg. As the name suggests, the system generates solar energy and stores it in a small battery. Different electrical equipment such as a small fridge, TV, light bulbs and laptop are connected to the battery to simulate a household.

Upon completion, the JELARE team conducted a face-to-face interview with the professor and the four students to get an impression of their experience with this tool. The feedback from all of them was very positive. The students have not only learned technical know-how, they have also improved their soft skills, like working in a team, meeting deadlines and taking responsibility.

A quote from Professor Kampschulte: “In this project, I have met highly motivated students who promoted their respective partial projects with practical ideas on implementation.”

Impressions of the Presentation

Presentation of the SOLAR-HOME-SYSTEM © HAW Hamburg

Presentation of the SOLAR-HOME-SYSTEM © HAW Hamburg